Sunday, August 21, 2011

62 days~

At long last i have graduated from working as a vivo waiter. for exactly 62 days i have went through a lot. from meeting with sweet and kind to rude and arrogant kind of customers, from serving delicious mouth watering food to accidentally pour ice blended chocolate on a customer. i have been through a lot. especially during saturdays and sundays.

me and my fellow friends at vivo rate saturdays and sundays as hell. we kinda hate the weekends because that's when we all have to handle a 'full house'. full house is what we say when our shop is full of customers for those who have no idea. this is when the true colors of our customers come out when we have trouble to serve their food quickly due to inadequate staff in the kitchen. but it's not an excuse. we promised 15 minutes and if we fail to comply then we are truly sorry.
enough about that.  :)

these 62 days have been magnificent to me. not just because at the end of the month i will be getting my pay but also because of the friends i've met. for almost two months i have worked there and the individuals that surround me there have always been awesome. funny, sporting, great sense of humour are just the things that makes them as a whole working family. it is sad for me to finally say goodbye to these wonderful people.
i would like to introduce them to you guys.  ^^

Luqman Hakim

this is luqman. if you have read about one of my earlier post about my pastian group. this is one of the members of that group of mine. :)
i ask for the job at vivo with him actually. if it were not for him i would not even think about working at a restaurant let alone worked at vivo. i owe him my thanks because he ask me to join him working there. and i joined. he will also be resigning shortly after i did. but the days that i have worked with him is just honestly fun. we like to joke around and sometimes play during worktime. but that's normal right? nobody wants to work blindly themselves. but if i may make any comparisons between me and luqman, i would say i am much more hardworking than him. he is lazier than me. hehe. sorry man! ^^


this here is asmira. we call her As. she is a junior back when i was in school. but at vivo she is the super senior there. if i am not mistaken she has worked at vivo almost 1 year. i am not so sure. :)
at times she is very intimidating when she is serious but most of the time she is just fun to be working with. on the picture above you can see that she is wearing a blue uniform but actually she used to wear orange uniform like the rest of us. this indicates that she has been promoted to become a supervisor at the time that i stopped. hehe. right As?
from all the days that i worked there i managed to watch a movie with her and luqman. we watched The Rise of The Planet of The Apes.
if you ask me things that i could remember about her i would say; starbucks and subway! ^^
she loves those two things and wouldn't miss it. by the way she is engaged to a handsome guy named alex. 


say hello to naz. her full name is nazreena. naz is my senior at vivo. compared to me and luqman she can do cashier as she is much more experienced.
at one glance one might say that naz ia a small quiet person. but when you start to get to know her she can be quite fearsome. she is that kind of person who is kind and gentle towards people who are nice to her, but once you piss her off then she would show the tiger-like side of her.
i remember once i and luqman came to disturb them working, me and luqman finished work of course. she just said :

" baik korang balik sebelum aku naik darah! "

see. i told you she is fearsome.  ^^
only when she's stressed of course. she is a nice person actually. you just need to get to know her.  :)

Cheok Wei Chin

next is wei chin. wei chin is one of the chinese girls that work at vivo but she is the closest to me. she said that i am a funny guy but in reality she is the one who is funny.  :)
during closing time i always hated to have to do the mopping. but several times wei chin have always willingly helped me mop the floor. i am forever grateful to her. because at times my leg just couldn't hold out much longer. and further mopping would really make my knees shake. i am so weak. haha. :)
wei chin is going to further her studies at universiti malaya taking accountancy course if i am not mistaken.
well good luck to you!  ^^
and one other advice to you wei chin. drive carefully okay. hehehe. ^^ v peace~

this is our kitchen manager. in the kitchen he is the leader. he is from nepal. who says i don't have foreigner friends? huh?! huh?!
this man's name is thakur.i am used to calling him sir as i followed another one of my friend shakir calling him sir. he has been working at vivo for nearly 6 or 7 years. before this he worked for the other vivo outlets though i do not remember which. but as i know bukit tinggi is the 3rd vivo outlet he worked at.
thakur is a very funny guy to be honest. he is serious when working but once we close he always chat with us and make funny stories.
he and As calls themselves maya. haha. which i do not know what the meaning is. all i can do is guess.  :)
and for your information thakur can speak malay very well. all those years in malaysia have helped him understand our national language.  :) 


these three are the several kitchen staffs at vivo. bikram, kumar and deuman.
there's not much to be said about bikram. bikram is just a quiet guy who does his work quietly. but he sure smiles a lot though.

deuman is the funniest of the three. he's always playful even during worktime. i could see the playfulness of deuman when he is with shakir. keep on yelling in the kitchen and fighting. when shakir left eventually he started playing with me and luqman. we would tell each other to "shut up". and sometimes we just play around.

kumar to me is the kind one. why i say he is the kind one?
that is because everytime i had to do the dishwasher he would always come to help me pick up the many plates, glass and cutlery out of the way so that i can resume my work. and one time i came into the kitchen to get some ice water for myself he came to me and grabbed the glass away from my hand. at first i was startled but when i saw what he was doing i was just speechless. i was really grateful to him. he made me a lemon kiwi which most people have to pay for it but i got it for free. but of course without thakur knowing. hehe.  :)

there are several others i would like to tell you all about. shakir, sin and some others. but unfortunately i wasn't able to get any pictures of them.
funny eh? almost two months working there and i couldn't get a single picture of them.   :(

but my experiences working at vivo has been a great one. but all good things have their end right.
what i hope is that at the end of the day all these people will not forget about me as i would not forget about them. all the moments that i have working at vivo i will cherish and will remember always as time allows me.

thanks for all the great experiences! i hope we will meet again soon in the future. ^^ v
i love you guys vivo staff bukit tinggi jusco.