Monday, January 20, 2014

An update. :)

It has been some time since I last posted here. Been busy with a lot of work. Have no time to tap in into any creative and free writing spirit. Everything is academic writing. Everything is structured. Its a headache. :)

First of all, Happy New Year 2014!

Well, I will just update my current activity in this post. 

To start, I've finished my undergraduate studies and have graduated quite well for my degree in Bachelor of Arts (English Linguistics). Most of my friends, course-mate or not, also graduated at the same time. A lot of them have started working already after graduating. 

Me? I've not started working yet. On the contrary, I continued my studies to a higher level. Yes. To a higher level. Not that I'm really an excellent student. Its just that I had my fortune quite good. 

Thank god to that. Alhamdulillah!

Me and a few of my friends pursued our Masters in Applied Linguistics. You got it! The same field as I did for my undergraduate level. A few notably akim, paan, hamzi, acap. afiq, and shukri. There are a few more but I will just keep it short. The ones closest to me. :) 
First semester has gone done and dusted. I don't know how to summarise our first semester of study. But looking at our results, I guess we did okay. We rode the storm really well I would say. Proud of us. 
So, as I was saying, we did pretty well. As for me, I started my post-graduate studies better than i had expected. An A-, B+, and a B proved to be good for me. My semester result was 3.417. A good head-start ehh. :)  
With that result I will be continuing my studies in the second semester mid february. Ohh, forgot to mention my programme will be 2 years, which will have a total of four semesters. If there are no complications in the middle. By complications, I meant any failed subjects specifically. Hence, I would have to brace myself for the upcoming one and a half year of more difficult studies, tiring assignments, killing exams, and most of all much much more sleepless nights. :) 

That would sum up my current activity. 

And last but not least, I'm with someone now. Well, not faz. It didn't work out between us. Wish her good luck with her new man. 

I'm with a girl from Kedah. She's a senior at my college. A college senior but she's the same age as me. :)
Nana. But not her real name though.
I really hope we'll work out. We fight sometimes but that is part and parcel of any relationship. She has been my motivation in my current studies. Well, apart from my family that is. 

For the future! ^^v