Wednesday, October 19, 2011


sometimes in life things are just not gonna go right where you want it to be.
we cannot think that everything will go smoothly. it just doesn't work that way.
we sometimes expect it but sometimes we don't.
that is what we call challenges. unavoidable.
whether it comes from circumstances, others or even ourselves. we just have to cope.
it is too subjective. vast.

at times it will be subtle but at certain times it will be hard.
it is going to be difficult.

at times when we feel the whole world is against us. contradicting with whatever we do.
when all feels sad and somber.
it is essential that we do not crumble. not to give in. to stay on both our feet.
this is when we are tested.

the same as being positive.
will definitely help us thrive. forward.

where do we find this optimism?
often we can find it in ourselves.
because what's important is always ourselves when we want to overcome anything.
if not, then it will all be useless. no amount of help will get us through.

then there's family members. teachers. mentors. friends. and partner.
we can always rely on those who are willing to help. to guide. to walk us through.
help will come for those who ask for it.

you don't need to go through everything alone.
asking help is not a sign of weakness. but strength.
strength is shown when you admit your weakness.
not to succumb. but to acknowledge. to understand.
we are strong in very different ways.
we can be surprised with human's immeasurable strength.

i find it easy when we consult our problems to somebody. anybody.
as long as that person is trustworthy.

sometimes what we need is support.
that support will create that optimism that we need.

"happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light"

Saturday, October 1, 2011


sometimes it's just hard to satisfy the demands of all people.
out of the dissatisfaction of themselves towards others they start to asks us things.
they pop questions.
they start to give us this and that kind of instructions.
start to order us here and there.
it will never be enough.
not to those people who are just full of bullshit with their own set of justice and justification.
they are just not satisfied.

its simple.

a point is just what they need. a point is just what they desire. a point is just what it takes.
but what is that point?
it differs to those with their different set of goals. their own objectives.
full of malice. full of conspiracy. full of purpose.

we neither have the freedom nor the free will of ourselves.
puppets is who we are. stringed.
controled by those who are said to be outstanding. those who are capable.
our movements defines who they are.

some say its karma. some say it is the way of the world.
that is how it is.

the only option is to follow. only to obey.
for resistance only means handing yourself on a silver platter.

cool is what we call it.
to stay out of sight. stay unheard like shadows creeping on the wall.

we are all that we have.
our backs pointed to the tips of thousand daggers.
even safe can mean harm.
we are all that we have.

it's just a common blabbering.
of someone who wonders. someone who imagine.
it is not meant for the understanding of others.
because to understand it, you have to be me.

'i provide you with the shoe, it is up to you whether to wear it or not'