Saturday, December 17, 2011

my 21st

17 december.
the day of my birth has come yet again.
i was really excited to celebrate it with faz but unfortunately i had to go on a program with my handball co-curricular group. what worse could happen at this supposed-to-be-happy day of my life.
what i wished i could do is just to go out and spend time and being happy. but things just won't go the way we wanted.

being tired the whole day, i slept immediately after coming back from the program. until night that is.
the only celebration that i had was just a nice little dinner with faz.
or so i thought~
after the dinner, we sat and just had a chat together.
surprisingly the cyberlab in my college was quiet.
cyberlab being quiet? very unlikely. but that's what happened.
until one by one my friends emerged.
the thing is.
one of my friend, yana, her birthday is a day after mine. which make hers on the 18th of december.
which is supposed to be THAT night.
so they spell out their plans to prank yana who has always been the mastermind behind pranks on others before. naughty yana. :)
and they asked me to join them. which i joined together with faz.

at first, there were just a cake which the candles were very difficult to blow. every time yana or someone else tries to blow off the candles, they just re-ignited again. what type of candles they used really intrigued me.
cakes are for eating. but not for them it isn't.
they began smudging the cake on each other's faces. including me of course.
after that i thought it was over. we all went outside to just hang out it seems.
and suddenly tun out of nowhere began to throw powder around to yana. which started everything.
they were all running around screaming trying to powderise anyone they could.

at that time i was oblivious towards other things which is my mistake. all i remember was i got hit by something hard and slimy. euuwwwwww!

they threw bloody eggs at me! 

haha. if i could recall there were a total of 5 eggs that hit me. one did not 'hatch'.
which i took in order to get revenge! the others were too far away afraid that i would throw the egg at them. in the end it was unfortunate for my dear faz who i smashed the egg on top of her head.

sorry sayang~ ^^ v

i don't know if they planned it. but i was also included in their prank as they were celebrating both mine and yana's birthday.
after a long and tiring day, it was fun to have played around with friends. we don't get that much these days.
too much assignments and presentations to think about. :)

from the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU GUYS!! really meant a lot to me. it was a great 21st birthday.

credits to tun, syafiq, syuerodz, laila, mira, din, akim, syakir and finally beloved fazreen.
you guys were great.
hope i didn't miss anyone. :)

and my wishes to yana. HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY YANA!! welcome to the 20th club. hehe. ^^ v

p/s : look what somebody gave me :)

faz bagi kat aku. sweet gila!! ^^ v