Wednesday, March 14, 2012

slap that face of yours

You are not that pure yourself!!
so stop saying things about others that almost resembles you. YOU sound obnoxious. 

see yourself in the mirror first before you want to start commenting on other people. 
just because you changed a bit recently does not make you pure. holy. 
because not too long ago you were just the same as the others you loathe. 

stop for a while. and start judging yourself first. 
people who know you might find what you say really annoying. ironic. 
others might find you to be just a simple fraud. 

in the first place, if you really had changed then you would not be talking bad about people would you? 
saying bad comments. and laugh about it. 
you are just disgusting. 

nothing much changed about you yet you act as if you have changed for the better of the world. 
come on. wake up. slap yourself. 

change is not something that happens in appearance. but as a whole. 
you can talk and admit all you want. 
but in the end. people will just see who you really are. 

so wake up. slap yourself.